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Happy New Yoga Year Forever

       ! Happy new yoga.. eh year !


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Lieve Allemaal,


I would really like to start by saying thank you. Thank you all for creating Abyasa Yoga with

How often should I do yoga? – Consistently.


One of the questions asked a lot in class is: how often should I do yoga? Or, better said, how often should I practice asana’s and come to class?


The answer is easy. And…. not so easy :). ‘Yoga’, as a way of living, can be done at any point in time – always. From simple things like watching the way you breathe when you… Continue reading

Letting Go


This will be the first of hopefully many a blogpost. Its written in English this time, first of all because often Im simply more comfortable writing in English and secondly because we have quite a few beautiful people in our humble Abyasa community who do not speak a word of Dutch. Ok maybe one word. And for those of you who are uncomfortable reading English, Im sorry and I… Continue reading