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Note to the self – een blog over blessure, passie en pijn



Ik heb pijn. Ben moe. Voel spanning in mijn lijf. Ik ben geblesseerd.

De fysieke beoefening van yoga-asana is een manier om je lichaam te helen, in contact te komen met jezelf en patronen te doorbreken. Het is daarom ook een oproep om in actie te komen, te ontdekken, te leren… Continue reading

Light your fire reflection



Not everybody was able to join in for our intensive, so for those unlucky souls ;), a little reflection of the great morning.

As the New Year has taken off and we look back we usually find that a lot in our lives has changed, developed and transformed, within as well… Continue reading

Balance and the first steps into Surrender



Being ‘Balanced’. We work hard to create this state called ‘balance’. This state in which conditions seem to be ‘perfect’: our body is healthy, we are free from sickness or injury, our emotional state is quite close to that ever wanted mid-line, our life seems to be well organized – our house is… Continue reading

Yoga doesn’t please




Yoga means Union, and refers to regaining the connection between everything we think is separate.  This illusion of separateness of things, resides in our mind and our mind only. We see black and white, good and bad, light and dark, worry and happiness. We see body and mind… Continue reading

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way!

One of Abyasa’s beautiful students came up to me the other week joyfully cheering how she was able to step her foot forward in between her hands from Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog) without touching the ground. -‘It just happened!’. A great step, that opens the door for the next step to be taken.


It reminded me of my first padmasana (lotus… Continue reading

The truth called Peanut Butter.. ehh.. Change.

I never used to like peanut butter. In fact, if I’d see (read: smell) a knife with peanut butter on it on the kitchen counter, I’d walk around it with a 3 feet radius. It’s been like this my entire life. Until I found myself drawn to the kitchen a few weeks ago, mouthwatering and armed with a… Continue reading

The power of – letting go of – alignment

In the physical practice of asana we work with the alignment of the body. Each asana has its own detailed alignment principles, our body has its own detailed anatomical principles and lets not even get started on the mind. I believe awareness of alignment is crucial to a sustainable

Practice and all will come.

Practice and all will come

India. Listening to the Guru speak about the practice. Tears in my eyes, because I felt understood. Listening to a person, and not ‘just someone’, describing the path Im walking. Gratitude for feeling understood without having to say a single word. All we have… Continue reading

How often should I do yoga? – Consistently.


One of the questions asked a lot in class is: how often should I do yoga? Or, better said, how often should I practice asana’s and come to class?


The answer is easy. And…. not so easy :). ‘Yoga’, as a way of living, can be done at any point in time – always. From simple things like watching the way you breathe when you… Continue reading

Why do we ‘do’ yoga?


By Vincenzo D'Innella Capano


We want to learn how to slow down our breathing, we want to find a relief to the pain in our back, we would like more flexibility in our hamstrings, we would like less stress, more strength, some time to ourselves, because we have discovered that yoga is one of the most… Continue reading

sthira sukham asanam – finding that sweet spot

   Sthira Sukham Asanam 

                Asana is steady and comfortable. Performed with willingness as well as acceptance. Firm as well as pleasant. Strong as well as relaxed. Maintained with effort as well as ease.


To those of you whom have heard of, read or even studied the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali, sthira sukham asanam, is probably one… Continue reading

Letting Go


This will be the first of hopefully many a blogpost. Its written in English this time, first of all because often Im simply more comfortable writing in English and secondly because we have quite a few beautiful people in our humble Abyasa community who do not speak a word of Dutch. Ok maybe one word. And for those of you who are uncomfortable reading English, Im sorry and I… Continue reading