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Not everybody was able to join in for our intensive, so for those unlucky souls ;), a little reflection of the great morning.

As the New Year has taken off and we look back we usually find that a lot in our lives has changed, developed and transformed, within as well as without. Transformation – the only unchanging factor in our lives. Some of these changes and developments happen very gradually and subconsciously, like the constant renewal of your skin. And some of these transformations happen in a very direct and conscious way, like the decision to quit your job or like…. the intentions you set in the New Year.

Watch your thoughts; they become your words. 

Watch your words; they become your actions.

Watch your actions; they become your habits.

Watch your habits; they become your character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.


Our thoughts, our intentions, our visions and therefor our actions, patterns and habits shape our lives. And sometimes these intentions that move us into action are very conscious, clear and strong, we feel like we are consciously walking our path. And very often they are subconscious, unclear and quite messy, we feel like we are just responding to whatever life decides, constantly finding ourselves in situations that we do not wish to be in.

Becoming aware of how our underlying patterns – our Samskara – shape our actions and our choices gives us the freedom to change, adjust or stay on course. It is with this awareness that choices start becoming conscious decisions instead of a mere response to life. Within yoga we refer to setting a clear and conscious intention as our Sankalpa: a focus of the mind that motivated us in our thoughts, our actions and our choices, therefor brings us closer to a life that reflects what is on our inside. It gives us a route to navigate through life according to the wisdom that lies within our true self.

So.. intentions shape our lives. But there is another piece of the puzzle: we do not control Life itself! We do not control the rising and falling of the sun, the change of seasons, who we meet, or who we fall in love with. Neither do we have any control over how our intentions will be manifested, what our choices will bring about, if, when and how anything will happen and what it will actually look like J. Setting intentions is not about trying to control the external picture. It’s actually about trying to discover what is reflected in that picture. So how about instead of putting all our precious life energy in trying to shape Life itself, trying to change what we cannot control, we put the energy into discovering, transforming ourselves and the things within that we can control? How about we put in the work just to come closer to our true inner selves and let go, trust and surrender?

We do not control what goes on on the outside. But we can make decisions about what goes on the inside!

And this is where our yoga practice comes to play. Creating awareness, breaking undesired patterns, shaping intentions that reflect our true self and coming closer to a life that reflects us. The great thing about all of this is: 1. You have to do it yourself – no one can do it for you, and 2. It often requires hard work ;). We will be challenged! For we do not know what life brings. We all know those moments where you feel like you’re going strong and BAM – we hit a wall. And it is then when we will find the true fire that is behind our Sankalpa. When our intentions, our desires, our sankalpa is clear, we will not be so easily distracted by whatever life will ‘throw at us’.

When the fire behind our sankalpa burns strong we have the strength and courage to enter some doors that open and to leave some doors nicely shut, to keep making decisions in line with our intentions, our visions and our true self. Imagine an intention with a weak flame to support it. It often only takes a simple, daily life challenge to extinguish the entire support behind it. Take for example the intention to create a stronger bodymind connection and therefore maintaining a daily yoga practice. If this intention is supported by a tiny little flame it only takes one look at the alarm clock that tells you its 06.30 to hit snooze and leave your practice all together. Whereas this intention supported by a strong and steady fire might result not only in a daily practice, but even in a trip to India to dive even deeper ;).

Therefor, this intensive wasn’t called ‘light your fire’ for no reason. We have lit our fire!! With a beautiful pranayama, handstand and writing practice we have heated our bodyminds from the inside out, created a great flow of energy to support the formation of our personal Sankalpa’s. It was a very inspiring morning.

I would like to invite you to keep feeding this fire. Keep practicing. Abyasa Yoga.



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